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Frequently Ask
How can I book a ticket at triplogin?

You need to call our helpline number and tell your requirement. We will book it immediately. You can mail us also all detail at You can submit your requirement on our web site also, we will call you back immediately and after booking we will mail you and deliver at your door step free of cost.

For which root triplogin is issuing tickets?

Triplogin is booking tickets for over 12,000 routs across India.700 bus travel operators.

Can partial cancellation be done?

Yes, Triplogin has the option for partial cancellation. Users can select the passengers as per their choice and make the cancellation accordingly.

Do I have to pay a booking fee?

Yes, you need to pay an additional charge when booking through us at Triplogin.

Do you charge for home deliveries?

No, we do not charge anything on home delivery. We deliver your ticket without any charge.

How can a home delivery be ordered?

Get in touch with our customer care executive and order for your home delivery. Our managerial will book a bus ticket for you immediately and later get it home delivered at your convenient time. Triplogin doesn’t charge for the home delivery order. It is absolutely free.

What is the procedure to cancel bus ticket online?

Give us a call at our customer care or helpline number and have a word with our executive for your ticket cancellation. Do not forget to know about the charges required for the cancellation.

Is there any option to cancel the ticket online?

No! There is no such option to get your ticket cancelled online. The tickets can be cancelled via our call center only. Make sure your money will not be transferred back anymore to your bank account. In its place the amount will be reimbursed into Cash.

In case I have to cancel my ticket what will be the procedure to get a refund?

It is should be noted that the refund will be provided according to our cancellation policy. The entire procedure usually takes 1-2 weeks.

I have already booked my ticket but have not received yet. How will I know about the delivery status?

In such a situation please reach us at our helpline number. As soon as you call, our executive will keep you posted about the delivery status.

Do I need to carry a printout of my ticket?

It depends on the particular bus operator with whom you have made the booking. There are some operators who do not accept m-Tickets. In that case you must carry a printout of your e-ticket and then show it when you are boarding.

If accidently I lose my ticket, then what should be the procedure to regain it?

We will send you a copy of your ticket that was sent to us by an e-mail at the time of your booking. Please carry a printout of your mail and then produce it when boarding. But, if you haven’t yet received your ticket via an e-mail then please call our executive will re-send you a copy by mail.

What exactly is an m-Ticket?

On booking your ticket with selected operators, you will be immediately sent an mTicket. It is in fact a SMS which will be directly sent to your mobile. This SMS includes the PNR number and the TIN number together with other essential ticket related information. You must use it when boarding the bus. You must be aware of the fact that not every operator accepts m-Tickets.

While booking my ticket I have entered a wrong mobile number. Will I be permitted to set a different number in order to find my m-Ticket?

For this, please get in touch with our customer care executive. They will certainly try sending the m-Ticket directly on your preferred number if possible.

When the ticket is bought in the name of the credit card holder, should the owner require being one of the travelers?

No, this is not compulsory. A passenger is free to use any cash card to disburse for their ticket. Not essentially the card will be their own. But, make sure the passenger carries an identity proof along with the bus ticket when boarding.

I don’t have a debit/credit card. Do I still have the option to book a bus ticket online?

Yes, you can certainly do it. All you need to do is get in touch with our customer support where your queries will be immediately handled by our customer care executives. They will book your bus ticket without delay. After this, you will get your tickets delivered rightly to your home at free of cost. Pay the cash as soon as you get the tickets in your hand. But, make sure you pay for the bus tickets without fail.

What are the various payment options I have?

The diverse payment options which you can avail are as follows:
• Debit card
• Credit card
• Cash-on-delivery (accessible in selected cities)
• PayPal
• Internet banking (Internet facilitated online bank account)

Can I book flight tickets for infants?

Yes, you have the facility to book flight tickets for infants. Triplogin permits booking for infants who are under 2 years. Ensure that you carry valid age proof credentials when they will check-in. Kindly note that the infants are attended by adults. You are allowed to book only one infant with each adult. In order to avail the infant fares, make sure that your infant is under 24 months during the entire itinerary, which you have booked. This will include both return and outbound trips. If your baby is 24 months or plus on the return of their journey then you require doing a separate ticket booking using a child cost.

I’ve already booked my tickets and need to put in my child’s tickets as well. What will be the procedure to do it?

It should be noted that you cannot add your child to the existing reservation. All you need to do is book a completely separate flight ticket for your infant directly with the airline from their counter.

At the time of ticket booking mistakenly I have misspelled my name. What is the procedure to get it changed?

All you can do is give us a call and check whether the airline you are booked with considers your request or not. Most of the airlines would do the needful, and when it comes to Triplogin, we will certainly pass on your change-of-name request. If at all the airline does not agree to it then you will have to call off and make the ticket booking again.

While booking I have selected the incorrect prefix (Mr/Mrs) for a passenger’s name. Let me know the process to get it changed.

Call out customer care executive and let us know the detail of your travel document. We’ll check if your air service supports the change in title and if at all it does, Triplogin will pass on all your details directly to them. Somehow if the airline doesn’t agree to title change, in that case you will have no other option other than cancelling and then make the reservation again with the exact title.

How can I cancel my flight reservation?

If you have already decided then call us immediately and inform us about your requirement. As soon as we know your requirement we will at once cancel your reservation and process your reimbursement within 24 hours. The entire process would take approx 3 - 14 operational days in order to show the cash on your account statement.

Can I cancel my ticket online?

No, you cannot cancel your ticket online. You need to call us or you can cancel the ticket directly by visiting the air lines counter at airport.

My flight was terminated by the airlines. How shall I get the reimbursement?

If your flight got cancelled somehow, in most cases you are permitted to get a full refund.
1. Reach us at our helpline no. and do cancel your booking immediately.
2. As soon as you are over with this, we will ensure that you get the money back, after substantiating the same with your airline.

I am not aware of the flight booking cancellation charges. Please let me know about the charges in details.

Generally the cancellation charges count on the sector, time, airlines, and class of booking. Get in touch with our executive and know what exactly will be pertinent in your case. For per passenger and per sector, Triplogin usually charges a payment of Rs 300.

If I decide to cancel my flight booking, what will be the latest time to do this?

Triplogin gives you to the option to cancel your flight booking not later than 4 hours earlier than your departure time. If it is past 4 hours, then you have to drop a line to the airline for cancellation. As soon as you are done with the cancellation, please do report to us and accordingly we will process the compensation.

How shall I get the repayment soon after a cancellation?

You need not worry at all as we’ll send your cash directly to your contact address. But, make sure this time you need to pay the delivery charge. The decision is yours, either you pay us Rs.100 or directly collect your money right from our office.

What is the approximate time required to process a repayment?

Triplogin usually processes the cancellation compensation within 24 hours. However, it might take a little longer to get reflected in our account. As per our observation it takes about a couple of weeks to refund.