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Frequently Ask
What is procedure to make a car reservation in India?

We suggest you to go through our Triplogin site, where you will find a choice of cars and buses we rent out in India. Select the car or bus of your choice and fill in the tour booking form. As soon as we receive the booking form from your end, we will arrange for you a tour itinerary accordingly and revert. You can also send us an e-mail at:

How soon shall I make my travel reservation?

Never delay in your travel bookings. Do it as early as possible. You will find no definite policy for the reservation. You have to depend on the availability. If you book for the high seasons, make sure you make the reservation before 2 months.

I would like to gather more information about Triplogin! Tell me what specialty is there that would lure me to make tour reservation through Triplogin?

You should come to Triplogin as it is the leading Travel Agent and Tour Operator in India specializing in organizing several tours with the help of a huge and well-organized network. We specialize in arranging Car Rental and tours all across the Indian subcontinent that includes Rajasthan, Kerala, Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Himachal, Jammu Kashmir, Bhutan, South India, etc. Apart from renting cars as mentioned on our website, we also arrange for special bespoke tour itinerary. This is done as per the wishes of our tourists.

What is the procedure to settle the payment? Do I need to pay any advance deposit?

There are in fact various payment options for you to make easy payment to Triplogin. Payment can be even made via bank transfer, online credit card, by cash, demand draft, and cheque.

Make sure you pay us 25% of total tour cost while the confirmation of your tour. With this you can be rest assured that your car booking will be a genuine one and accordingly we will be going ahead with your reservation. The amount that will be left should be paid before your trip.

If your tour booking is done via our partner agencies then you can certainly make your payments directly to them and accordingly get the affirmation from us. You can also use any payment option of your choice that suits your requirements.

Where exactly the Triplogin office is located?

Our main office of Triplogin is ideally located in Mumbai. We have our franchise across all the metropolitan and other popular cities in India. To be mentioned, some of them are Delhi, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Surat, Ahmedabad, and Vadodra.

Shall I have to pay a surplus amount if I bring back the vehicle later than the return time as mentioned in the rental agreement?

Yes, as per our rental agreement, you will have to pay for every hour or may be part of it for taking excess time while returning the vehicle. You have to pay a late Return Fee and it would vary from your existing booking charges. Make sure you inform us before hand and also verify about all the charges in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Ensure me that I get the best market rate available. Please let me know the process.

Triplogin promises you to avail the best market rate online. True, that it would cost very less if a smaller car is rented but make sure you rent a car that has adequate space and fulfills all your luggage requirements. Check out our listed vehicles at Triplogin to pick out the best vehicle of your choice and needs.

You must be aware of the fact that like airlines, the availability of car rentals at promotional rates will be very limited. So make sure that the sooner you will call us, the better will be your chances of availing one of the best rates.

Aside from the car rental charges, what are the other supplementary charges that should be checked?

Make sure you pay all the toll charges that you would face on your way. The charges include all the parking charges. In case of the out station requirement you would require paying Rs.250 at every night halt. Also remember that the food of the driver will be included.

Do you have the accessibility to deliver cars at Hotel or Airport?

We have the flexibility of delivering the car at the residence, airport and even in your hotel. Please note that the kilometer covered will be calculated from garage to garage.

What is the procedure if I wish to cancel my booking or reservation?

It is to be noted that once the payment is collected it is subject to penalty. You would have to pay almost 10% cancellation charge from your entire booking. However, make sure we are notified no less than 72 hours before the planned delivery time. This would help you to avoid being charged for a single day’s rental fee.