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FAQ's - Holiday
What are Holiday packages?

Holiday packages include a complete detail of every finer aspects of your journey, right from accommodation, food to transport. There will be other services provided as well. They are car rentals, sightseeing, and other activities.

How to search for holiday packages on

Visit the main menu of holiday package and select your destination and type of package you want to avail. From there you will gather every bit of details. For further information call us at any time.

How to book a package?

Before booking you can browse our website to get some idea or you can call our helpline number and tell your tour detail within 2min you can get a mail from our sales team with all the detail. For re customize you can contact us again.

If I want, can I customize a holiday package and how much time it will take to customize?

Yes, you can customize your tour package before sending us the verification message. We are the fastest web portal for customization of tour packages in India. You tell your exact requirement by using our software we will modify it as per your requirement and within 2 minutes your package will be in your mail inbox with all the details of accommodation and sightseeing with price. We are having more than 2600 customizable holiday packages.

Is sightseeing included in tour packages?

Yes, sightseeing is included in most of the tour programs and package itineraries. These may be visits to individual attractions and sights or panoramic city tours. Refer to the valuable tips and important instructions as provided by your Local guide or Tour Manager. This would certainly make your sightseeing and experience the most memorable one. The transportation part will mostly depend upon the type of package you select. It can either be a shared taxi, mini coach or your personal vehicle.

List the benefits of booking holiday packages with Triplogin?

We at Triplogin offer an array of tours for both individual tourists and corporate groups. Each of our packages is meticulously and wonderfully designed by trained professionals. You can expect to get the best tour packages at cost-effective rates and the best service from our end.

Let us know about the cost of your Package

Triplogin is completely transparent to its customers. Whatever we communicate to you over the phone is being communicated via email for a better perceptive and for a proof of commitment as well. We even send hard copy of the booking voucher to our customers.

How will I be informed about the conformation of my holiday package?

As soon as the holiday packages are booked with us, our efficient reservation agents process all your travel details and checks for availability with the hotel. Once this is done, later a confirmation message will be sent to the customers via phone call and e-mail.

What are the cancellation charges for the holiday packages?

The cancellation rates completely depends on hotels and other related services included in the packages. A standard format of cancellation charges are mention in our website on “Terms and condition” tab. Please check that and for further details please remember to get in touch with our support team ahead of processing the cancellation.

Is there any specific time duration before which I need to book a holiday package?

No not particularly! However it is always advisable to book the tour in advance in order to get the best rates.

I have a desire to reside at a particular hotel that does not exist in your packages. Can you please help me?

There will always be a certain difference between wandering with us and other tour operators. You can be rest assured that each of our packages has the option to be custom-made as per your needs. Almost 5000+ hotels in India, 60000+ hotels across the globe are registered with us. So it is not possible to show the entire hotels name on Holiday Package but if you specify the name then we can definitely design a package and provide you. You can certainly add your favorite itinerary and you are free to pick any hotel of your choice. Just let us be informed about your specific requirements when Triplogin’s customer care manager take notes on your reservation request. Do not worry as we will do the needful.

I have found that most of your holiday packages have no mention of air fare. In that case will you arrange the air ticket for my holiday package? Please let me know about the calculation of the total amount also?

As you know that the air fare conditions differ from one destination to another and might even change now and then. This is the reason we just verify the real rate while booking your holiday package and then we add that particular price to your original package rate. Make sure, we do arrange the Bus tickets for your package as well. For further queries, please get in touch with us immediately.

In case of any emergency who shall I contact or call?

Triplogin remains easy to get to, to all its customers and guests. At any time during day or night, in case of any emergency, please do call our efficient Customer Service Team which is easily reached from all networks.

Please let me know about the check-in and checkout timings of the hotels?

Generally the time for check-in is around 12 noon while the time for check-out is 12 noon (some places , the time for check-out is 10 a.m.). The timings will vary by locations or hotels where the time will differ from the specified timings.

• Late check-out or early check-in time requests are decided at the judgment of the hotel, and then subjected to the availability of rooms.

What will be the precautions taken for the period of my hotel stay?

Make sure you keep your suitcases and bags locked. Ensure that your room door is locked before leaving. On no account leave your valuables around the room.

In most of the hotels (either at nominal charge or free of cost) have proper lockers for you to store up all your belongings and valuables. In smaller hotels depositing valuables or belongings may not be that reliable. In that case, belongings and valuables should be carried along. Leave your room key at the reception before you are out on sightseeing.

Before checking out from the hotel, do check all your rooms properly to make sure that your valuables and possessions have been well packed. After all these, do leave the key at reception. Do not forget to clear all your bills for the extra services you have availed.

I don’t find any single traveler rate in some of your holiday packages. Please let us know whether you accommodate any single traveler on your packages or not?

Our holiday package prices are set per person. They are based on the traveler’s double occupancy. You need not worry because we do list single traveler charges exclusively on the page of our Packages Details, if at all we are able to offer the rate. There are even some packages in our list that offer special rates for 2 or more travelers. In such cases, you will not find any single traveler rates. To get more information about the tailor-made packages, do get in touch with our Customer Services staff.

How can children and infants be booked?

It should be noted that not children or infants can be booked to travel alone. At least one adult is compulsory with the children.

Before leaving for the destination what are the precautions should I take?

Re-confirm the time and date of your travel before 1-2 days of your departure, the airport terminal and the flight number.

Make sure you make to the airport on time keeping the traffic conditions in mind. It should be at least 3.5 hours prior to the time of flight departure. This should be done only for the security reasons.

Do not forget to take all the necessary precautions before leaving your house. Check whether the taps are closed properly or not. You need to check whether you have shut down the doors and windows and disconnected all the electrical appliances or not.

What will be the essential things that should be packed for my vacation?

Carry all these following documents - Air Tickets, Passport with all the visas and its clearances, Rail Tickets, Tour Program list and All the Service Vouchers.

Carry a cap and a stylish pair of sunglasses to protect you from the sun. Do not forget to use sunscreen lotion especially during the summers. As light showers come and go a windcheater or light folding-umbrella should be carried.

Whenever you go for any sightseeing, carry a small handy bag equipped with all necessary equipments like camera, umbrella, sweater, windcheater, tennis shoes, passport, water bottle, money, medicines and other accessories as required,.

Do not carry unnecessary valuables. Only carry the ones that are essential.

Do not forget to carry all the prescription medicines along with you.

An extra pair of medicine lenses/glasses is a must in order to be careful of breakages or losses.

What type of clothing should I take along?

Decide your clothing as per the season. For summers, carry cotton clothing and for winters carry different layers of warm clothing because temperatures vary in a considerable rate.

A light woolen sweater or jacket is recommended for your excursion, as evenings might get chilly sometimes.

Wear closed and comfortable tennis shoes or may be walking shoes for walking during sightseeing.

How much baggage I am permitted to carry?

It is always recommended to trek in light materials, ideally one suitcase and one hand bag. Make sure you use suitcases or bags with wheels so that travelling becomes easier. Travel with your prerequisites and essentials only. There should be some space in your suitcases or bags to bring home souvenirs and gifts from your holiday. Usually airlines allow at least 20-25 kilograms per person’s luggage and about 1 bag equal to 7 kilograms for cabin baggage.

What safety measures should be followed for my valuables, travel documents and baggage while travelling?

All cash, air ticket, traveler’s cheques, passport and other valuables should be properly carried in your luggage/handbag at all times. Never keep your money, traveler’s cheques or credit cards in one purse, wallet or pocket - Separate them accordingly so that you won't be completely penniless in case of theft.

Pay extra attention to your handbags and luggage in jam-packed places like sightseeing spots and stations. In quite a few places, thieves and pickpockets abound. Keep your bags fastened and ensure you hold your bags tightly and closely. Such safety measures should be covered in order to avoid unscrupulous and cunning stealing techniques of the thieves.

Do not carry excess money while sightseeing alone. Never leave your valuables and bags unattended in hotel room or in the coach.

Do pack your luggage and baggage yourself and do not forget to add a sticky tag from inside. Never accept any packages or any parcel from co-passengers or stranger. Make sure that your check-in bags and luggages do have a proper locking facility. They must also have proper labeling with your contact address and name for easy identification.

When travelling what should be the Medical Precautions taken?

Do check with your house physician about the required Medication to be carried along.

Ensure to carry a copy of the doctor’s prescription, which would indicate the prescribed medication to be consumed at particular conditions. Carry the medications, in your carry-on bag packed in their original bottles.

We suggest you to distribute your medicines in diverse bags so that in case you misplace some baggage, you will still get access to all medications.

I would like to share my experiences on the holiday package tours booked with Triplogin. Please let me know the procedure to share.

We would be glad to hear from you. Send us your feedback at Your feedback and comment will be displayed on our testimonial page.