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Kerala Honey Moon Packages
Spend an Exotic Honeymoon in Kerala
Your honeymoon is a special time when you get to know your partner better. It is a time when you can seal your love with a promise that is going to last forever. Easily counted as the most amazing vacation of one’s life, the honeymoon should be planned to ensure an unforgettable experience. If you are planning your honeymoon destination, then why not plan a honeymoon in Kerala? Kerala has been a favorite destination for honeymooners across the world, and there are reasons why so many people prefer to travel to Kerala for a honeymoon. Our excellent Kerala honeymoon tour packages can be, for example, counted as one of the reason why you would like to travel to Kerala

No, Kerala will not offer you snow capped hills for honeymoon, but apart from that there is everything that you would wish to indulge in your honeymoon tour. From plush green forests to fabulous sea shores,the Kerala honeymoon experience will make you feel like Kings and Queens on a magical romantic date. From this logic of honoring your exclusive honeymoon experience, we at Triplogin consider ourselves the event planner for kings and queens in offering you the comfort and luxury of the most amazing honeymoon experience ever. 

You will be lost in luxury, when you are availing the benefits of our package deals. Such is the extravagance and arrangement of our Kerala honeymoon packages that you will feel that the Kerala experience has been designed exclusively to celebrate your presence in this beautiful place. We recognize the honeymoon to be the most beautiful occasion for travel and through our honeymoon packages we make every effort in providing the best of luxury for the honeymooners. 

Speaking of luxury, have you heard of the honeymoon houseboats in the Kerala backwaters? We guess you have heard about it. If you haven’t, let us have the opportunity of arranging your stay on a Kerala houseboat. We are sure, that in the privacy of an air conditioned houseboat, floating in the backwaters you will feel the amazing charm of togetherness that the honeymoon travel is all about. 

Up till now, we have only introduced you to the backwaters and the houseboats floating on it. There is, in fact, a lot more than that in a Kerala honeymoon tour arranged by Triplogin. There is the dense mysterious forest of Wayanad, where you can explore the mysterious presence of each other amidst the chime of colorful birds celebrating the love that is inherent in nature.

Sure, there are many companies offering honeymoon packages in Kerala, but what makes us different from all other is our attention to your safety and privacy while you are on your honeymoon travel. The comfort and luxury that we will arrange for you will be unmatched, like no other. We consider your presence as our privilege and it is our solemn promise to ourselves that we will make every effort to make this privilege felt through our exclusive attention to your travel. Exploring the togetherness of an ideal honeymoon, our tour packages provide you just the travel destination that you are looking for.

Blissful Week in Kerala 6Nights 7Days
Fascinating Kerala 8Nights 9Days
Vibrant Kerala 4Nights 5Days
Explore Kerala Honeymoon 9N 10D
Rs. 35,305/- For couple
Rs. 42,946/- For couple
Rs. 19,861/- For couple
Rs.45,964/- For couple