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Manali Honey Moon Packages
Manali Honeymoon Packages to Celebrate your Togetherness
The Manali honeymoon packages offered by Triplogin are ideal. Your marriage is the most beautiful time of your life so is the Manali honeymoon where you will celebrate your togetherness. The cold, the snowfall, the fireplace and the warmth of each other’s company, all of these make Manali the ideal place to travel for your honeymoon. We, at Triplogin make every sincere effort to ensure your comfort and happiness in this beautiful hill station of Manali, far away from the scorching summer. Manali is a getaway from the scorching plains of Indian summer and from the polluted urbanity to a pristine snow filled climate where you breathe in a strange purity in the air. We understand that honeymoon and Manali are synonymous as both embody romanticism and so we have created some of the best packages for you

Your honeymoon is a magical trip and we will make sure that it remains so. Hence, you can leave the planning to us. Our honeymoon packages for Manali have been exclusively designed to take care of everything, from transportation to accommodation to taking you to guided tours in and around Manali, so that you just celebrate this joyous occasion during your travel. You can comfortably leave the planning of your trip to our experts of Manali holiday packages.

Since you are choosing Manali as your honeymoon destination, knowing some interesting facts about the place will definitely add to the intrigue of your travel. For instance, it would perhaps surprise you to know that the name Manali is derived from the Sanskrit phrase “Manu-Alaya” referring to the adobe of the great sage Manu. Manali is a place of simple harmony of faith with the temples and monasteries humming different tunes but praising the same glory of creation nestled in the lap of the magnanimous Himalayas. There’s also a Manu temple in Manali. It is interesting to note that you are spending your honeymoon in a place which had been famous in legends to be the place where the sage Manu recreated human life after a great flood devastated every trace of life on earth.

The honeymoon package in Manali is a great snow filled experience. Manali is in fact one of the best skiing destinations of India. You can also enjoy other adventure sports activities in Manali like mountain biking, paragliding, trekking, kayaking, mountaineering and jeep safaris. From Manali you can also travel to other destinations in Himachal, of course if you wish to leave Manali. Manali is so enchanting that people say that they would never want to leave the place. In fact, the charm of Manali will be with you for a long time. And, our Manali tour package can ensure that. Our Manali tour packages are classified into convenient itineraries, like the 3N4D plan to the 10N11D plan. The 10 Day plan will take you to additional places like Dharamsala and Dalhousie apart from the usual trip to the Rohtang pass that is included in both the plans.

Himachal Fair & Festivals 5Nights 6Days
Himalayan Wonder 5Nights 6Days
Nature Walks 8Nights 9Days
Himachal Wildlife Tour 6N 7D
Rs. 23,460/- For couple
Rs. 23,584/- For couple
Rs. 31,261/- For couple
Rs.23,749/- For couple